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Approved by the Penn State project decision review board in October 2014, the Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering Building is currently the largest project in Penn State's capital budget. Total building costs are projected at $150MM, and the College of Engineering needs to raise $10MM of these funds.

This building is a revolution in our capacity to support students and engineering education. It is a major financial investment but one that will pay tremendous long-term dividends, and we must turn to our dedicated alumni, friends, and corporate partners to help make it possible. We ask that you consider supporting the Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering Building through a gift to name a classroom, laboratory, or collaboration space, or make a gift of any amount through our online giving system. Such a gift offers you the opportunity to invest in the bright future of our chemical engineering and biomedical engineering programs and secure for yourself or your organization an enduring legacy at Penn State.

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Designed to meet the needs of our students and faculty for decades to come, the new Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering Building will reflect our deep commitment to excellence in engineering education and research, conveying to prospective students and faculty that Penn State is the best home for their work or study—the right place to bring their thirst for knowledge, their ideas and innovations, and their passion for teaching and learning engineering. That, in turn, will strengthen both departments and enhance their ability to have a positive impact on the world.

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